Our objectives

  1. To work to enable employability, educational attainment and wellbeing for the community in Wallsend.
  2. To consider and promote all such lawful measures, plans and schemes as may be calculated to further, improve and secure the commercial and social interests of the town of Wallsend and its immediate neighbourhood.
  3. To encourage economic growth, employment opportunities, business sustainability and corporate responsibility for members.
  4. To create and foster a spirit of goodwill, friendship and collaboration among members.
  5. To do all such lawful things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.

Wallsend Chamber will collaborate with other representative bodies and organisations to support the above objectives.

Wallsend Chamber is affiliated to North Tyneside Business Forum.


Julie Paterson

Wallsend Chamber Chair / Director


Geoff Woodward

Vice Chair


Jackie Collins